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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a sustainable approach that shifts the responsibility of post-consumer product management from local governments to producers. It aims to encourage manufacturers to design products that are easier to reuse, recycle, or safely dispose of, thus reducing the environmental impact of their products. Compliance with EPR regulations ensures that producers meet their obligations, such as setting up collection systems, and recycling facilities or contributing to a collective fund for waste management. On that note, Elima offers a unified platform for managing EPR compliance across E-waste, Plastics, Tyres, and Batteries. 

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Elima's EPR Solutions for Sustainability

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Pan India Target Fulfillment

We accomplish all your EPR goals. Access EPROne's extensive sourcing and recycling network to ensure all your targets are met - Punctually and Without Hassle

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Quarterly and Annual Filings

We meticulously manage your quarterly and annual filings, ensuring that all your EPR activities are accurately recorded with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) on time.

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Invoice Uploading Services

We handle the entire purchase and sales invoice uploading process for our partner Producers, Importers, Brand Owners(PIBO). We recognize the time-intensive nature of this task and assume full responsibility from start to finish.

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Query Resolutions

Backed by a compliance team with over 75 years of collective experience, we expertly handle all regulatory compliance issues related to EPR, ensuring swift resolutions.

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Access to Recycled Materials

Integrate your EPR journey towards achieving circular supply chains. Use our comprehensive supply chain solutions to access high-quality recycled materials. Achieve your net-zero and reuse targets through EPRone.

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EPR Registrations and Renewals

Elima streamlines the EPR registration and renewal process for Producers, Importers, and Brand Owners on the CPCB portal. We provide complete technical, legal, and compliance services to obtain your EPR Authorization.

Types of Materials We Oversee

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E-waste EPR

We lead the way in managing EPR compliance for electronic waste, ensuring responsible collection, recycling, and disposal. Our tailored solutions help producers establish efficient systems that comply with regulations and promote sustainability. With us, you can trust that your e-waste is managed responsibly, reducing its environmental impact.

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Plastic Waste EPR

Take a sustainable approach to plastic waste management with us. We provide comprehensive EPR solutions that facilitate effective collection and recycling programs. By partnering with us, producers can meet their obligations and contribute to a circular economy by recycling plastic waste into reusable materials, reducing environmental harm.

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Tyre Waste EPR

We offer specialized solutions for managing EPR related to tyre waste. Our services ensure proper disposal and recycling of old tyres, helping producers establish efficient collection systems. By partnering with us, producers can meet their obligations and reduce the environmental impact of tyre disposal, promoting sustainability in the tyre industry.

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Battery Waste EPR

When it comes to managing EPR obligations for battery waste, we can be your trusted partner. Our solutions ensure proper collection, recycling, and disposal of batteries, helping producers establish compliant systems. With us, you can be assured that your battery waste is managed responsibly, minimizing its environmental impact.

Why Partner with Elima?

At Elima, we go beyond providing EPR compliance solutions; we aspire to inspire change. Our commitment is evident in our extensive awareness campaigns, which educate a large audience. We also support waste picker incentive development programs, ensuring that each initiative we undertake not only transforms lives but also contributes to a sustainable future for everyone.

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