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As the world moves towards a net-zero future, the significance of batteries in energy storage and the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources, including EPR services for batteries, cannot be overstated. In this transition, establishing a circular battery economy becomes paramount, where used batteries are repurposed or recycled to mitigate risks associated with production and enhance the battery supply chain. At Elima, we are committed to offering turnkey, sustainable, and scalable solutions to all stakeholders in the battery recycling value chain, ensuring cost-competitive EPR implementation and contributing to a greener tomorrow.

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Whom Do We Serve?

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For Brands and Producers

We serve brands and producers by providing tailored EPR services for batteries to meet their regulatory obligations for battery recycling. Our services ensure compliance with regulations while promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

For Recyclers

We support recyclers by offering a consistent and reliable supply of used batteries for recycling. We work to streamline the collection and recycling process, ensuring recyclers have access to a steady stream of materials for their operations.

Our EPR solutions for Battery Producers

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EPR Planning and Design

Our team helps in designing and implementing EPR plans specifically tailored to the battery industry, ensuring efficient collection, recycling, and disposal processes.

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Quarterly and Annual Filings

Elima manages all quarterly and annual filing requirements for battery producers, ensuring that they meet reporting deadlines and comply with regulations.

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EPR Registrations and Authorization

We assist in registering and obtaining EPR authorization for battery producers, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and enabling them to operate legally in the market.

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Query Resolutions and Complete Compliance Support

Our team provides comprehensive support for resolving queries and addressing compliance issues related to battery recycling, ensuring that producers remain compliant with regulations at all times.

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Target Fulfillment

We work closely with producers to fulfill their EPR targets for battery recycling, ensuring that the required quantities are collected, recycled, or disposed of responsibly.

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Awareness and IEC Activities

We conduct awareness and Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) activities to educate stakeholders about the importance of battery recycling and encourage sustainable practices.

Elima's Responsible Management for All Battery Types

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E-waste EPR

We lead the way in managing EPR compliance for electronic waste, ensuring responsible collection, recycling, and disposal. Our tailored solutions help producers establish efficient systems that comply with regulations and promote sustainability. With us, you can trust that your e-waste is managed responsibly, reducing its environmental impact.

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Automotive Batteries

We manage automotive batteries, including those used in four-wheelers and two-wheelers, ensuring they are collected, recycled, or disposed of responsibly.

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Other Batteries

We also manage other types of batteries, such as those used in inverters, ensuring they are recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Why Choose Elima

In a world where resources are limited, Elima is committed to optimizing their use. Our unified recommerce and recycling platform revitalizes products and materials, minimizing waste and redefining their value. Our comprehensive range of EPR services for batteries caters to businesses of every scale, streamlining product, resource, and waste management. We envision circular economies as the future's main supply chains, and we are dedicated to establishing infrastructure supported by innovative technologies. This infrastructure will enable the collection, segregation, reuse, and recycling of diverse products and material streams.

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